Welcome to the Boomtown…

One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs. What does it mean? I don’t pretend to know. I guess I could go either way. I mean with every boom comes a bust followed by a boom followed by a … you get my drift, but here’s to hoping we’re in the boom.

Caution: Seasonal comment follows.
For me fall is the best season of the year. And it always seems a much better time to make life changes and fresh starts than spring – probably something to do with being raised in Texas. Once the summer sun finally relinquishes its hold on us, we’re like totally refreshed by the autumn weather. What with 70° days (finally not surface-of-the-sun hot), cool nights, school starting back up, football season and of course we get to wear our tight jeans and leather jackets that have been hanging in the back of our closets since last April. I’m looking forward to Fall.

I’ve played a lot of music with my trio this year and we’ve been having a great time. I want to thank all the venues where we’ve played so I’m sending out a big hearty thank you to Eddie V’s (Fort Worth, Dallas & Austin), the Mansion at Turtle Creek, Bailey’s Prime, Grill 1709 and all the other places and people we’ve played for so far this year. And a super big THANKS to every one that came out to see us this year.

I’ll say it myself, the trio has gotten pretty tight – its amazing what playing five nights a week will do for your skill-set. Special thanks Dan and Chris for showing up every night. Also I want to thank all the fantastic subs that help out when my regular guys can’t make it; Lou Carfa, Joe Carpenter, Warren Dewey, Young Heo, Daniel Kouba and Eric Zukoski.

Now… looking to the musical future:
1) got a live album coming out soon, mix-down starts next week
2) booked pretty solid through the end of the year (yeah baby!)
3) working on a ton of old and new original songs for an upcoming all-original release
4) studying up on my Pro Tools (now Avid), gonna get certified (and none to soon)
5) upgrading my DAW software and looking forward to recording a lot this year
6) playing some new venues, not all local (nudge, nudge), see the events page for more info

So, anyway, it’s gonna be a good Autumn. You go have a great one too.

Hope to see you at one of our gigs.

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