“Live from the V Lounge” get your copy today.

That’s right. The Jonathan Sanson Trio: Live from the V Lounge @ Eddie V’s.

After six years without fresh product, my new live CD is finally finished. Mixed, mastered, replicated and shrink wrapped. And it’s pretty darn good, especially Dan and Chris’ parts. Truthfully the whole thing sounds … well let’s just say that Marty Laye (recording & mixing) and Ed Littman (mastering) did a wonderful job on the sonic presentation.

It’s live. Just like you’d hear it when you come out to the gig. It’s all there; brilliance & blunders: the good, the bad and the rest. There are gaffes and goofs, and there are moments of wow! And it wouldn’t be live otherwise. This recording was a blast to make.

I am constantly thankful for Dan’s playing, friendship and guidance. Without him it would be a completely different (and lesser) project. And Chris, just listen to him play and you’ll understand.

So anyway, the CD is out. It’s available from CD Baby and at other online stores, and eventually it will be on ITunes. It’s being played on various internet radio stations and I’m working on getting it played on the airwaves. And of course now that it’s released I’ve already started work on the next recording. Which is gonna be a lot of original songs and a few original arrangements of standards.

But the important thing is, if you want a copy just let me know and I’ll see that you get one. And I hope to see you at the gig … soon.

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