looking for a sub?

As a professional working musician I understand that sometimes unexpected dilemmas arise causing the need for a reliable sub for your gig. Everyone who works in this industry has had this occur at some time, you call your regular sub but they are already working or not available. The quicker you need someone, the more difficult it is to find someone who you trust to do the gig. Someone who will: show up on time, dress professionally, fullfill the requirements of the gig without overkill, and most importantly – not try and steal your gig.

I am your man. I have many references from musicians who have used my services in the past.
Dennis Cavalier
Melanie Skybell
Noni Dressler
Lou Cobon
Lynne Cadena
Henry Munoz
Glen Rothstein
and many others.

I have subbed at most of the best rooms in the Metroplex. i.e.
Four Seasons Resort Lobby Bar
Three Forks Restaurant
The Capital Grille
The Melrose Library Bar
The Renaissance Lobby Bar
Adams Mark Hotel Lobby Bar
The Silver Fox
Steve Field’s
Magnolia Hotel Library Bar
The Gaylord Texan