Professional pianist since 1972

Private Piano Studies with:
Lillian Stewart, Private Studies; 1967 ~ 1973
Michael Marra, Prof. Berklee College of Music; 1994 ~ 1997
John Arcaro, Asst. Prof. Berklee College of Music; 1998 ~ 2000
Charlie Banacos, Private Studies (; 2001 ~ 2003

Louisiana College, Pineville, LA
Piano Major, Voice Minor; 1973 ~ 1974

US Air Force; 1974 ~ 1980
USAF Drum & Bugle Corp
USAF International Talent Show

University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
Piano Major; 1975 ~ 1976

University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
Piano Major: 1978 ~ 1980

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

Professional Musician Major: 1981 ~ 1984

Principal Studies:

  • Piano: Bruce Thomas, Prof. Piano Dept.
  • Arranging: Tony Germain, Asst. Chr. Piano Dept.
  • Jazz Theory & Composition: Ken Pullig, Chr. Jazz Composition Dept.
  • Arranging & Performance: Bob Pilkington, Prof. Jazz Composition Dept.
  • Songwriting: John Aldrich, Assoc. Prof. Songwriting Dept.
  • Songwriting: John Stevens, Assoc. Prof. Songwriting Dept.
  • Conducting: George Monsseur, Prof. Composition Dept.

Tarrant County College, NE Campus
2009 ~ 2010

Berklee Online, Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA
Bachelors of Music Degree, Professional Music: August 18, 2017

A word of explanation regarding the extended period of time between attending Berklee and receiving my Bachelors Degree. I originally attended Berklee using my GI Bill Veterans Benefits. My benefits were exhausted in the Summer of 1984. I was lacking one semester of studies. Unable to afford college, I left Berklee to join a touring band the summer of 1984. My outstanding required courses upon leaving Berklee were four freshman core classes as well as Counterpoint II. In 2009 I contacted Berklee and determined a course of action to complete my degree. I returned to college [see TCC] completed my final coursework with the exception of Counterpoint, which Berklee requires to be taken on campus. In 2014 Berklee established Berklee Online, a fully accredited online College of Music. In the spring of 2017 I enrolled in the Berklee Online Counterpoint class and completed my coursework. I was awarded my Bachelors Degree on August 18, 2017.